Hello, Deep_eyes! I’ve broken down the critique below:


Superimposed Lines: Good. Slight fraying on both ends for a few of the lines; this is a result of not starting the line from the exact same point every time. Otherwise, well done.

Ghosted Lines: Good.

Ghosted Planes: Good.


Tables of Ellipses: Good.

Ellipses in Planes: Good; strokes are confident and ellipses aren’t drawn through more than the appropriate amount of times. Some of them aren’t touching all 4 sides of the planes, though.

Funnels Exercise: Good.


Plotted Perspective: Good.

Rough Perspective: Some of the lines were drawn over more than once - try to avoid that in the future. It’s ok if the lines don’t turn out as planned. Other than that, well done.

Rotated Boxes: Pretty decent.

Organic Perspective: Take advantage of the lineweight when drawing the big swoopy line to help further the idea of perspective. In addition, it may be helpful to bring the line to the edge of the frame instead of leaving it hanging in mid-air (first page, frame 1). The perspective is pretty good, too, so overall, this was solid work.

Well done! The ellipses and lines were drawn through confidently and smoothly and the perspective on the boxes was done pretty decently as well. Just not remember to redraw lines for the homework unless called for (like for lineweight or something). Hope this helped :)