250 Box Challenge

9:55 PM, Saturday May 15th 2021

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/f3z74hv.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback and your time!

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11:04 AM, Thursday May 27th 2021
edited at 1:19 PM, May 27th 2021


Congratulations on finishing the 250 Box Challenge.

I like the way you draw your lines confidently and straight. Also, I can see that you spend enough time planning out your boxes and used small dots to establish your lines. Doing this helps to get more accurate results.

You extended all your lines in the correct direction when you checked your boxes. Also, it seems like you understand how the parallel lines should converge to a specific vanishing point early on. There are some boxes on the first pages that the lines converge nicely. If I were to suggest few things, it would be the foreshortening and the variety of your boxes. In some o your boxes the foreshortening is too shallow, meaning that your vanishing points are too far away. That results in parallel lines or even divergence. Especially towards the ends, there are a lot of parallel lines, which shouldn't occur in the three-point perspective. Also, most of the boxes' shapes are similar to each other, especially the early ones. I suggest you change the variety of your boxes and experiment with different shapes and sizes.

Also, it seems that you are having trouble with the inner corners. You can check this order of drawing boxes to draw the inner corners more accurately.

I can see that you have some basic understanding of the three-point perspective, but there are a lot of parallel lines, even on the last pages. So, it might be better if you could draw six more boxes before moving on.

Next Steps:

Draw six more boxes before moving on to Lesson 2. You can post your revision here once you are done.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 1:19 PM, May 27th 2021
6:47 AM, Friday May 28th 2021

Hey KAMIYASORA, thank you for the feedback! Here are the revisions https://imgur.com/a/Fx8MMcV

Also, are we supposed to add the 250 box challenge as part of the daily warmups?

6:07 PM, Friday May 28th 2021

They look really good. I really like how confident your lines are. You can go ahead and start Lesson 2.

And yes, the 250 Box Challenge should be included in your warm-ups. Of course, the number of boxes that can be drawn in five minutes depends on the artist. I am a little slow, so I can only finish one box most of the time.

Next Steps:

I am glad to mark this as complete. You can start Lesson 2.

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