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5:22 PM, Friday November 17th 2023

Hi Nathan! I hope you are doing good. I took a look at your webpage and I'm glad you are also doing some letter artwork and logos. They look really nice.

As for the book, do not worry, I shall await my turn. No hurry at all.

I read the introduction and everything looks fine to me.

Would you be willing to provide any public contact info for the record if other artists want to get in touch?

I'm a very introvert person so I'm not comfortable with sharing public contact info. BUT, recently I've been thinking of creating and anonymous Instagram account just for sharing some of my art without being worry that anybody around my surroundings knows it's me. When I come up with a good name (which is a difficult matter for me rn haha) I'll create it and reach out to you.

2:03 AM, Thursday November 23rd 2023
edited at 2:06 AM, Nov 23rd 2023

Hi Rhyldur, I am doing well. Just recovered from some sickness and feeling pretty good now. Thanks for the compliments. I've started freelancing on Upwork and have found it important to create specific portfolios for the kinds of work I want to do; so I focused more on letters for a bit as I do enjoy that.

The book is ready for you :) You can begin creating your contribution whenever you're ready. When you're finished you can either send the final art to my email or upload it somewhere for me to download (e.g. Imgur). Please make your art with a ratio of 8:11 (landscape) as those are the dimensions of the book. Get creative and have fun.

Sorry for any confusion. What I meant by "public contact info" is anything you feel comfortable sharing publicly. It need not contain any personally identifiable info. If you go through with the anon account, I'd be interested to see more of your work there; though, I don't personally have an Instagram account, so I'd be limited to seeing only your most recent posts. Might I recommend an ArtStation account or something of the like which would not limit what non-users can see (Instagram limits scrolling and clicking posts)?

If you know another artist who would like to contribute, go ahead and invite them to follow your lead.

edited at 2:06 AM, Nov 23rd 2023
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