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12:36 AM, Saturday February 4th 2023

Hi Rhyldur,

I finished an image!!! Woohoo! I tried to treat it as if it were client work done to the best of my current ability with tools I'm fairly comfortable with. Boy! That was a challenging week fighting procrastination and other mental baggage, but I was able to work through it and come through on time with a finished illustration: Here, Kitty Kitty.

Same time next week? ;) I hope you'll join me with the skills you currently have. You do have something to offer now. Please don't wait decades before you allow yourself to make finished work. Just use whatchya got. I usually feel a lot of satisfaction from actually finishing something; I know I did this time.

3:56 AM, Saturday February 11th 2023
edited at 3:56 AM, Feb 11th 2023

Hi Rhyldur,

Coming at you with another finished piece! This time with some digital spice!! A special appetizer I like to call Fishlev.

I plan to do more digital art; I've got my first drawing tablet on the way! Woot woot!!

I hope you're doing alright. Sorry if you feel I've been pressuring you to spend more time on art than you're ready for right now. My intention was only to encourage you along your art journey, but since I've not gotten a response in a while I wonder if I've overstepped my bounds. I hope to hear from you soon.

edited at 3:56 AM, Feb 11th 2023
4:20 AM, Thursday June 29th 2023

Hi Rhyldur,

I hope you're keeping well. I decided not to finish Drawabox. I finished Lesson 5 and have been focusing more heavily on illustrating recently. I learned much from DAB, but I feel that my time would be better used finishing art rather than spending so much time on exercises.

I probably won't be on the DAB platform much; so if you'd like to connect you can do so at nathan at nathanparkinson dot com.

Take care.

1:08 AM, Monday July 3rd 2023

Well this was a too long break, to be honest. I'm really sorry for leaving you hanging. You did not overstepped any boundaries, it was just my life getting rougher and harder that I was emotionally drained to even answer some messages.

It costed me 9 months to finally end Lesson 4 (I hate insects so much) but I was able to get back on track these last days. Although I guess they will make me repeat some drawings again.

Taking advantage of this "achievement" I decided it was time to read again everything you sent and everything I missed throughout these months. I'm quite pleased and proud of what you have accomplished and I hope you the best outside DAB.

I was checking the remaining 3 lessons homework and found them quite overwhelming. Although I will still try my best to finish everything and when I feel I won't be able to do it, I'll go rogue.

Since I saw your last message was a couple of days ago, I'll wait for your reply for some days. If no answer is received I'll write to your e-mail.

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