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7:52 PM, Saturday December 16th 2023

Good job completing this assignment! Below are my corrections for your assignments.

  • On your Organic Arrows, I don't see perspective being applied correctly. The arrow should be gradually getting smaller as it goes from one side to the other. Don't be afraid to overlap your arrows either.

  • On your Organic Forms with Contour Lines, I am noticing some variety with the angles of the ellipses. I think you are getting the idea, but you should still be mindful of their variety. For the ones with only the visible sides showing, They don't seem to line up with the outside contours. Try to make them more snugly.

  • Your textures are looking nice, although you didn't write down your observations (in words). I can also see white spots on your textures, but this can easily be fixed by using a thicker pen.

  • Your dissections were done very nicely. Your textures break the silhouette and mind the curvature.

  • Your Form Intersections are looking mostly good. I feel that you may have placed some of the intersection lines arbitrarily. This is very tricky and something you will be working on more in the later lessons.

  • Your Organic Intersections seem a bit messy and hard for me to read. It appears that some of the sausages phase-through each other and occupy the same space. In addition, it appears that shadows were placed at random. I would suggest reviewing this lesson and pay attention to how the shadows work. They should be used to separate the forms from each other, so placing them on the bottom of the main form isn't necessary.

I am going to assign you a few revisions before you can move on. In addition, I noticed that you skipped over the 250 Box Challenge, so I would recommend that you go back and complete that as well.

Next Steps:

1 Page of Organic Arrows

1 Page of Organic Forms with Contour Lines (with Contour Curves)

2 Pages of Organic Intersections

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:41 AM, Saturday January 6th 2024
12:56 AM, Wednesday January 10th 2024

I see improvements made to both your Organic Forms and Organic Intersections, great job! Your Organic Arrows still aren't overlapping correctly. I have tried to do a draw-over of your assignment here.

There were some points where it seemed that the same line was conveying 2 different sides of the arrow at the same time, creating confusion on the form of the arrow. I have attempted to draw new lines in red and scribble out lines in blue to show how these lines should have overlapped. Review the assignment and notice how the 2 sides relate to each other. Notice how it is essentially the same line but directly underneath it.

When I did this assignment, I tried to imagine the two lines as two rails of a very bendy railroad track. Each rail needed to line up with each other in space, or the train will get derailed (oh nose!)

I am going to ask for more revisions on the Organic Arrows exercise, as it will play a big role in Lesson 3.

Next Steps:

1 More Page of Organic Arrows

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:49 AM, Tuesday February 20th 2024
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