Two fundamentals at the same time?

3:22 PM, Wednesday April 20th 2022

What do you think about studying another fundamentals at same time as DrawaBox?

I mean, for the past two months I've been studying that classical perspective content while I was doing the 250 boxes (I took that book 'Perspective Made Easy'). But now I'm tired of it and I want to study something different, like portraits and facial anatomy or lightning.

But I dont know if it will mess with my understanding of the Drawabox content; if it should be better finish DaB before studying anything else. What do you think?

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5:48 PM, Wednesday April 20th 2022

I wouldn't do them in the same session but it's all input and practice. Finishing DaB could take a year or more depending so I would say it is necessary to study other stuff alongside. They will all mix to give you your window on the world.

Just make sure you are creating too and not just studying.

11:37 PM, Wednesday April 20th 2022

Okay, thanks! Now I'm more confident about it.

And I wasn't considering the time I would take to finish DaB properly, so yeah it makes sense.

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