Lines: In lines exercises I can see some wobbly lines, that’s because you’re not used to using your shoulder when drawing. In drawabox, you should draw with the shoulder. You will get used to draw with the shoulder with more practice. In ghosted lines and ghosted plans I can see repeated lines, remember that in exercises you should not repeat lines, and you should leave the line even if you have not executed it correctly. I also see that in these exercises there are arching lines, this is solved by doing the arc in the opposite side.

Ellipses: I can see more confidence in the ellipses, some of the ellipses are a little wobbly because you probably didn't draw through the ellipse 2-3 times before drawing the ellipse. In ellipses in planes I can see that some ellipses have distance between them, remember that in this exercise the ellipses do not have to have distance. In the same exercise some ellipses are floating as they do not touch the points of the planes In funnels the line that cross all the ellipses should cut the ellipse into 2 symmetric halves.

Boxes: In the box exercises I can see that some of the boxes have repeated lines. In rough perspective the height lines of some boxes are not perpendicular to the horizon line. In rotated boxes I can see problems with the perspective of the boxes .

I have seen that you have done all the exercises and that you have followed the steps correctly in each one. I can see that you have a good understanding of the purpose of each exercise, and that’s the most important thing. Everything else will improve if you keep practicing these exercises. I can mark this lesson as complete.

Good luck with the 250box challenge.