Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:54 AM, Friday May 26th 2023

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/TU3rAZo.jpg

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3:34 AM, Tuesday June 6th 2023

Hello I'll be critiquing your work today! (just between you and me, thanks again for that cube subdivision thing)

so let's start


-Superimposed lines

 Good job here, straight confident lines. a bit messy, but that is expected. what's important is that you only have fraying on one end and not both. but those are some serious arching, try and put a counter arching motion to straighten them out. i also see that some of your ink ran out by the end of those lines, this a minor issue, but if you keep experiencing this, try and slow your strokes down slightly to give time for the ink on the pen to catch up. 

 other than that you did good here! 

-Ghosted lines

 Great job! very straight and very confident! not much to say here other than good job!

-Ghosted Planes

 The first photo is a bit blurry, but i can see enough to say that they are done well. confident straight lines, at least hitting one point, you plotted all your lines and absolutely no wobbling! you overshoot a lot of the lines but that is to be expected, just be sure to make an effort to hit the points in the future, try and slow down your strokes slightly to give yourself a bit more control. other than that well done!


i don't see much issues here. 



your elipses are very "scattery" the gaps between where your draw throughs are very wide, try and putting more attention to making a solid elipse with a clear shape and put a little less though to really making them fit, you did them well for some of those. but you drew through them twice but not more than 3 times and you also drew them confidently without any wobbling. good job on that


Again somewhat scattery, but you drew them confidently and through! which is what matters most on this lesson. i will point out that your elipses are very mishaped however, this is not of much concern at the moment but please do keep it in mind and make an effort to make more well rounded shapes in the future. so overall good job!


These are not great, you did 2 sides to a funnel correctly but the rest are, quite frankly, a bit of a mess. all your elipses should fit nice and snugly beside one each other, and they are not to intersect or overlap, 

Keep your ellipses snugly against one another - don't leave large spaces between them (or any space at all for that matter). If nothing else, it's a missed opportunity to get more practice in with your ellipses.

and even without that in mind, these elipses are drawn very messy. a lot of them are drawn overshooting the funnels, where as this mistake is to be expected, the degree that it happens for you is sign that you did not put much thought into it, you alsof did not draw through all of them, a lot of these are only drawn through once, and the ones that are drawn through are very messy . i empore you to rewatch the video and revisit this homework, make sure to always mind the purpose of a homework.

i want to remind you to not push yourself too hard, to take breaks and breathers, if you do not feel like you can do a lesson, take a short break, if you force yourself to finish a lesson and end up rushing through it without much thought, you will not get anything out of it. 

in short, take it easy, and take your time, it's not a race, we are learning.


you did pretty well excluding the funnels for this exercise, remember to always draw through your elipses, do so with confidence and accuracy in mind. accuracy is not our main concern for this lesson but it is still something to be kept in mind nonetheless. in the future work on making more well rounded shapes and reduce the amount of scattering in your elipses. other than that, well done!



not much to say here, organised and clean. well done!


okay good job on these, you kept to your confident lines, they overshoot but what matters is that they are done so confidently! so good job on that. all lines vertical and horizontal are drawn perpendicular to the page, your boxes look great here, however you did not draw the correction lines, which almost defeats the purpose of the lesson. 

Once you're done a whole page, grab a pen of a different colour, or a pencil, or something you can visibly separate from the rest of your work. Using a ruler, take all of your depth lines (those that are meant to converge towards the vanishing point) and extend them to where they intersect with the horizon.


again, please be sure to watch the videos and read through the lessons, if you have questions the discord is always happy to help!


GREAT JOB! most of your boxes are rotated, they are drawn close to each other, and you drew through them. all lines are drawn confidently with point to plot them out and you didn't do any take backs, that takes patience and courage! however i do see some mistakes done with your back boxes, it a minor issue but worth pointing out, your front boxes are practically paralel to your back boxes, and i see that you did not draw the back boxes for the edges of those boxes, this isn't easy so it isn't expected that you do nail it. overall however, great job on this!


 Good job on these, not much i can say, boxes are rotated enough, they overlap which is good, and drawn with confidence! 


 overall great job on these, your lines are confident which is grea, but you overshoot them for nearly every stroke, this is a minor issue for this lesson, but do be sure that you make an effort to hit the marks and stop, just keep it in mind moving forward. other than that your boxes are great.

final conlusion:

i see that you rushed through some of those homeworks and ended up missing some points, you did great for the most part, but be sure to take your time and be patient so that you can gain the most out of a lesson! your lines are confident and hit the point, but you do a lot of overshooting, it's okay, but be sure to reduce it moving forward. 

that said i do think you should do some short revisions before moving forward to the 250 box challange. if you have any questions you are welcome to ask in the discord!

Next Steps:

  1. one page of the funnels exercise

  2. fix the rough presepective exercise by adding correction lines. https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/cc14a4f6.jpg

i emplore you to revisit the pages for said exercise and rewatch the videos again. take your time.

you are doing great so keep it up!


  1. 1-2 panels of rough prespective

you can choose to do this if you want to, as i think you could benefit from it, but if you choose not to than it is still okay!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
11:08 PM, Saturday June 10th 2023

Here are my revisions for the funnel and the fixed rough perspective. Thanks for the feedback!

5:27 AM, Friday June 16th 2023

THESE ARE GREAT! well done, you may move on to the 250 box challange. keep it up!

Next Steps:

-move on to the 250 box challange.

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