Hey Neorotica! You did it, you got to the end! Really nice work - don't worry about having taken a while with the whole challenge. Sometimes you need to go at your own steady pace.

As for the challenge itself, I'm seeing a lot of great improvement over the course of the set. To start, your line work has improved immensely, gaining a lot of confidence in both the initial line and the added line weight. Great work there!

As for your convergences: you have a lot of stray lines at the beginning and these improve immensely by the end of the challenge. Each set becomes quite consistent with fewer stray or diverging lines. Thaht said, I think you could benefit from trying out a variety of foreshortening angles. At the moment, you're sticking pretty closely to shallow foreshortening, while your dramatically foreshortened boxes show the greatest amount of diverging correction lines. They could just use a bit of love, so make sure you're practicing them in future warm ups!

We like to link these notes at the end of every challenge as a matter of course. They're some extra bits that may help you improve further, or confirm conclusions you came to during the course of the challenge. What they go over is the angle of each line as they approach the box and how keeping an eye on this relationship could improve your convergences. Also, considering each line in relation to the lines with which it shares a vanishing point rather than the lines with which it shares a plane or a corner could do the same.