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6:14 AM, Thursday January 26th 2023

Hello, A_PSAON!

Your work is great and here are my observations:

1•Your superimposed lines exercise looks great: the lines are smooth, confident. They don't fray at both ends, you did 2 pages and the lengths are different. You did all that you were asked, good job.

2•Your ghosted lines are also good, confident, smooth, very accurate, don't arc much. Great!

3•In ghosted planes exercises you keep the good work with your lines, no remarks. Good job!

4•Your Ellipses exercise also shows effort: ellipses are smooth, planned, accurate, and you draw through them several times. Everything's in place.

5•Your Ellipses in planes exercises also turned out very nice. Not much to critique there.

6•Your funnels are perfect: smooth, accurate, aligned to minor axis - great!

7•In your plotted perspective exercise all the lines are drawn correctly, except one of the boxes in the upper plane clearly has not ideal vertical lines. It is not a mistake though (because we use ruler there), just an observation.

8•Your rough perspective exercise looks nice: line work is perfect, I see quite an improvement with the lines converging to the VP. Good job.

9•!!! Your rotated boxes exercise is mostly decent: you rotate the boxes nicely, the lines are confident and smooth. But the back faces are little off but not too much. I recommend you revisit this exercise in your warm ups..

10•In organic perspective you rotate the boxes nicely and they do seem to be coming out from a distance but you seem to superimpose your lines which is a bad habit instead draw a confident line and stick with it even if it turns out bad. Also ghosting more helps with accuracy but you shouldn’t worry about that as accuracy comes with practice..

All in all, I think you are clear to proceed to the 250 box challenge.

But I have a small remark regarding photos: if I don't see the number of the page, it's really difficult to understand if you made a progress (like I don't know which is Ellipses-1 and which is Ellipses-2). Try to put the number on the page and take a photo in such a way, so that the person reviewing your work can see it.

You can reply here if you have any questions or thoughts.

Keep up the good work and good luck!

Next Steps:

Proceed to 250 box challenge!!

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2:16 AM, Friday January 27th 2023

Thanks for the critique! :D

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