Line weight are “kinda messy”.

12:10 PM, Saturday May 8th 2021

Do you know how to improve line weight. I usually draw lines over the existing ones, but sometimes the lines' trajectory gone wrong.

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4:06 PM, Saturday May 8th 2021
edited at 4:44 PM, May 8th 2021


A good training is to practice superimposed lines, ghosting every line before committing it to the existing one(s).

I usually do this during my warm up with the Ellipses in Planes, because it gives me a mix of curved and straight lines.

It takes a ton of practice to develop a consistent accuracy though.

edited at 4:44 PM, May 8th 2021
1:02 PM, Sunday May 9th 2021

but i'm still at 250 box challenge.

6:33 PM, Sunday May 9th 2021

Superimposed Lines and Ellipses in Planes are Lesson 1 exercises. You can definitely practice these during your warm ups while tackling the Challenge.

Good luck with those boxes.

8:37 PM, Sunday May 9th 2021

I greatly appreciate your feedback. ????

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3:16 AM, Monday May 10th 2021

I think there are two ways you can accomplish thicker lines for better line weight. One is with the method you talk about, trace over the lines. If you struggle with this method, a good practice can be tracing the same lines over and over again, while trying to be as precise as possible. The second method would be pressing down harder on your pencil/using thicker pens. I do slightly discourage using multiple markers as they might not be available all the time, but whatever suits you, you should try!

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