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10:16 AM, Monday August 23rd 2021

Hello and great day;

Ok first of all, I've noticed that there are some shaky lines in the organic lines so I'm not sure if you drew them confidently. I can also tell that you were great at using perspective; however, some of them appear to be off, but other than that, they're all superb.

Organic Forms, I'd say the contour lines were drawn well, as you can see from the curve degree, but I didn't see some of them with the contour ellipses. The sausages were drawn simply, to the point where I could say they were confidently drawn. I've also noticed that some curves undershoot or overshoot when using the contour.

Next, the texture analysis is excellent, but I believe you should try to integrate the texture further using the black marker in the right column.

The texture on the dissections is also really well drawn, and you did an excellent job slicing and breaking them through.

I liked how you executed the form intersections; they were much cleaner. However, I believe you prefer to overlap them with small groups, though they were all drawn confidently. I'm not sure why certain lines were put over them again, or if it's to demonstrate line weight.

On the organic intersection, I was a little confused by certain shapes that appeared to be drawn with foreshortening. It would be good if they could make the shadows more distinct and follow the contour of the sausages, like they did with their form.

Overall, you did a fantastic job with the exercises, despite the fact that I was also an amateur, therefore I believe you could now move on to the next lesson.

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2:38 PM, Monday August 23rd 2021

Thank you so much for reviewing my lesson!

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