Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

3:01 PM, Saturday February 1st 2020

Lesson 3 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/uhyOc4O.jpg

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This one's not critted yet actually. So any crit will be appreciated.

Construction: https://imgur.com/a/x22nbr5

Refs: https://imgur.com/a/UUaOhNH

I'd also like a little idea as to how I could texture more waxy, smooth leaves as in the Devl's Ivy.

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9:20 PM, Saturday February 1st 2020
edited at 11:53 AM, Feb 3rd 2020

Hi kecleon!

I think I already critiqued a few of the first pages, but I'm going to go over everything just in case.


Main problem your arrows have is that they are a bit stiff, don't forget you can ghost them too.

They grow nicely as they get towards the viewer, though remember that not only the arrow itself gets bigger, but the gaps between the folds as well, as you aren't doing that as much as you could here for example. As a last thing, try not to keep all your arrows within the page, plan them a bit so what you did on the left arrow doesn't happen. Line weight looks a bit wobbly, so remember that you need to add it with a confident superimposed line, not just tracing over it, here as well confidence> accuracy


They look good mostly, but most of the construction looks hidden by the detail, so I can't tell much. For the textures you've done, remember that here as well you need to focus on cast shadows when doing them, (you've focused on contours on some of them, like the bottom right one.

When adding the spiky thingies on the leaves you've done it adding each one of them with individual strokes, so good job on that as well. (To add to this, you seem to have done it well regarding to leaves on the other drawings, so good job!).


For the branches, again good mostly, but the segments you draw don't overlap completely (which is totally expected). One thing you can do to fix this, is to start the strokes earlier, overlapping more with the previous stroke, as it makes it a bit easier to make the transition smoother, aproach it similarly to the superimposed lines exercises too, with ghosting, so it gets as confident and accurate as possible. For the forking branches, try to make them more like the one on your left branch.

In the branches of the right, you haven't followed it quite as a 3d form, and more as a flat 2d shape as guide, so try to be wary of that.

And into your plant drawings, they look pretty good, and I can see a good deal of improvement from them.

One of the important things, is something I already told you before, the wideness of the ellipses. As they face more towards you (away from you), their degree has to be wider, as you can see here , it isn't like that. The top ellipse is facing less towards you, so its degree should be smaller than the red one I marked.

Other thing is that, just like in the arrows exercise, you shouldn't let the subjects get outside the page. If you realized you did the page too big. Cap them off.

Other issue I can notice is [here:](https://imgur.com/H6woUw4) remember to approach this kind of subjects with the branch technique, starting with a confident flow line (yours are a bit stiff) and superimposing your strokes earlier on the lines behind it. 

And lastly in the rafflesia, remember to always draw through your forms, you should have drawn the intersection between the "petals" and the core of the plant, so don't forget to do it on your next drawings. 

Otherwise, everything looks pretty good like I said, good job! keep up the good work and into lesson 4!

Next Steps:

Your next work is just like I said lesson 4! good luck!

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2:37 AM, Sunday February 2nd 2020

Thanks Elo! Just wanna quickly mention that the hyperlinks are... odd to say the least. I think they might not work on the markdown mode. Thanks again for taking the time to crit my work!

11:56 AM, Sunday February 2nd 2020

no worries! yeah, I noticed, not sure if im just dumb or if its just a bug, Ill ask, just in case

9:28 PM, Sunday February 2nd 2020

Basically links work normally here but when you've got them contained in a code block as you did, it ignores them and prints them exactly as they are.

As seen [here](https://drawabox.com)

The little eye icon on the toolbar lets you preview your post before submitting it.

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