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4:06 PM, Tuesday May 16th 2023

Hello and welcome to Drawabox. First of all, congratulations on completing lesson 1! I'll be critiquing your work today.

1: Lines

  • Your lines are smooth overall, there is a bit of wobbliness but nothing serious

  • Remember that you are looking for smoothness, and not accuracy

2: Ellipses

  • Your ellipses look pretty good, although there is some wobbliness in your tables of ellipses exercise, but that is reasonable. Make sure to keep in mind that the ellipses should be filling in the space, meaning they should be touching, and for the ones at the edge they should be touching the edge(s) of the table

  • Your ellipses in planes are good, though there is a bit of wobbliness in your ellipses but its not earth shattering

  • Funnels are hard, no one can deny that. For this exercise what I would keep in mind is when your ellipses are going on the middle line not only are they getting smaller but they are also getting narrower the closer they are getting to the middle the more it turns into an oval. or at least that is how I looked at it.

3: Boxes

I do not really have anything to say for your boxes, other than they are really good, and you seem to have a fair grasp on the concept of perspective.

Really good job on lesson 1. I'll give you work that I think you should focus on and just reply to me with it so I can approve you to move onto the 250 box challenge.

Next Steps:

One page of funnels

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
11:32 PM, Tuesday May 30th 2023

Hey, thank you for the critique! Sorry I took a bit to get back with my revision, I hit a bit of art block and the such.

Regardless, here's my revised funnels. I watched back the funnels video and figured id focus on the first level (just alignment) then try to change the degree when I felt confident enough (some are still rly rough tho

I hope this is good enough, and thank you again!


2:16 PM, Wednesday May 31st 2023

Awesome! Good luck on the 250 box challenge. In case you don't already know, in the drawabox discord there is a channel called critique-exchange. I would go there, look at the pinned messages and get ready to submit the 250 box challenge. I only say this because I submitted my 250 box challenge here on the website and it still hasnt gotten critiqued. This way, you will be on a list to get your critique. Here is the link to the discord if you dont already have it - https://discord.gg/drawabox

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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11:48 PM, Wednesday May 31st 2023

i appreciate it! I am already in the discord but I'll make sure to use the critique exchange for my 250 boxes. Thanks again!

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