Hi, congrats on finishing your first construction lesson! I'll be looking over your submission.

Starting with your arrows, you've done a pretty good job with creating a solid illusion of depth by compressing the further end of almost every arrow you drew. You also made sure to prioritize confidence as much as possible which is great. However, especially on the first arrow, it seems that you were a bit hesitant when applying line weight and when your line weight wasn't accurate, you went over your lines to correct your mistakes. Remember that trying to fix your mistakes with ink will only shift the viewer's attention to them. Also, make sure that you're applying line weight in the same way you're drawing your regular lines. By ghosting through until you're comfortable and executing each mark with confidence (as shown here).

Moving onto your leaves, you tried doing more complex structures and you managed to make your leaves look 3D here as well. The way you added edge detail seems pretty solid too. You generally made sure to add each bump/cut individually instead of going over the entire edge in a single line. Try to pay more attention to how each detail you're adding blends into the form you're adding them on though. Making the lines for the edge details thicker do help make them more recognizable but if you don't blend them in to the thin lines of the form they're sitting on, they instead look like individual lines rather than 3D forms. Make sure to also pay attention to where each lines begins and ends since loose line ends can break the illusion of 3D as well.

Your branches seem pretty solid. You did a good job with extending your lines to create a smoother transition between segments and your lines generally tapper pretty well. I'm also very glad to see that you're changing the degrees of your ellipses to more accurately show how each form sits and rotates in space.

Onto your plant constructions, it seems that you were building them in stages and using the methods taught in the lesson material. Because of this, your drawings create a pretty solid illusion of depth. Some of the mistakes I pointed out so far are apparent in your plant constructions as well though. I'll still try to go over every major mistake I see to help you move forward.

  • The first thing that I'd like to mention is the way you draw your lines. Even though your overall line quality is pretty good, the dots you placed around some of the lines you drew implies that you were a bit hesitant before drawing them. This is still understandable since drawing accurate curved lines is pretty difficult. However, when we rely too much on placing these marks on the page instead of ghosting through, we tend to end up with drawings that look rather cluttered. This isn't a big issue though, it's just something to keep in mind in the future. (also, make sure to read this comment by Uncomfortable if you wish to read more about overcoming hesitation)

  • The mistakes I pointed out with adding edge detail are apparent here as well. Also I wanted to go over paying attention to where each line begins and ends again since those loose line ends I mentioned can also be seen on regular construction lines. Even if we create drawings with a really solid sense of depth, if we fail to show how each form connects with each other, that tiny mistake can make the entire construction look 2D (this can be seen in some of the leaves on this page, for example).

  • Again, on this page, some of the details you added inside the flower itself seem pretty rushed. Even though those details are pretty insignificant, you should still be mindful of how they sit on the page when drawing them.

Overall, your work here seems pretty good! Your constructions show that you're developing a solid sense of spatial reasoning and I'm sure that with time, you'll have no problem fixing the mistakes I pointed out here. I'm going to go ahead and mark this lesson as complete, good luck ahead!

If you have any questions or if there are any mistakes with this critique, please let me know either by replying to this or tagging me on discord.