Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

4:46 AM, Tuesday June 6th 2023

Draw a box - Lesson 2 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/z3fy5cm.jpg

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My submission for lesson 2. I didn't go ham with shadow in dissection exercises because I was afraid I would describe form shadow instead of cast shadow. I also didn't fill up cross sections to hopefully achieve the transition from dark to light effect. I did the last 6 pages while having a cold so apologize if my markmaking doesn't come out as straight and smooth.

My references:

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4:01 PM, Thursday June 22nd 2023

Hello! I'm gonna do the critique on video so I don't hurt my wrist too much, if you can't hear something well or want me to explain something else please tell me! Here's the crit

Grats and good luck on lesson 3!

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Lesson 3

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5:58 AM, Friday June 23rd 2023

Thank you for the feedback. I saw some people do really thick line weight on Form Intersections so I thought it is okay to draw over more than once. I will keep that and the rest of the critique in mind for future warm-ups.

I wonder if auto-generated captions are available for the video. English is not my native language (Tony is just my English nickname hehe) so sometimes it requires a lot of mental power to focus on listening. Coupled with the fact that I'm basically sitting besides my family's TV, it can be difficult to hear so an option for captions/subtitles would be great.

10:20 PM, Saturday June 24th 2023

Nop sorry D: I do it that way cuz my wrist hurts so I wanna minimize typing as much as I can, I can make you a small summary if u want:

Main things are:

-Arrows lack a bit of depth, try to make the gaps between each fold of each arrow grow more exponentially like on this example

-On organic forms on some places they aren't simple (just on a few places so it might be unconscious, but just in case)

-In the form intersections the main thing was that some of the forms don't have shallow foreshortening, so focus on placing the vanishing points on each form pretty far away

If u have any specific questions about anything please ask as well! And good luck with lesson 3!

5:49 AM, Sunday June 25th 2023

It's okay :-3. Thank you once again!

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