I am here to say a few words about your work. But first: all my respects to you because of paper and liner pen.

I see a little bit wobbling line. Try to add a lot of confidence and freedom to your movement of whole hand. Maybe speed. Don't afraid to make some overwright like bigger or smaller petals than on reference, it will be seen more accurate than a "normal in proportion but wobbling" petals.

btw. plants can grow different sizes its ok - this exercise mostly teach you movement of a hand and flowing to depth of page. proportions will be necessary later, in insects and animals, but now its ok not to catch sizes of reference point to point.

Pay attention to connection of ends of leaves and grass. Don't drop lines in air! form will be the Form just without holes on silhouette and, for example, some of your lines on leaves don't look like a part of this form.

About dimension of cylinders. in the future just for yourself try to draw some tubes or cylinders with inner circles, buuut try not to afraid to make the Real difference between thin inner ellipses - 3mm and thick -full circle ellipses inside. Play with sizes (thickness). exactly Difference between thickness of ellipses show a direction of object.

Try to get into depth of a page with strange foreshortening. maybe just draw a pot in front of eyes., then with thinner and thinner ellipses variants. try to watch how will it rotate and stand. then try to show on your paper one pot closer to viewer and fare away one.

about chanterelles: try to simplify the planes and not be afraid to make a try. sometimes draw for yourself, try to draw

through, and nobody will judged you for your trying to understand and explain form in your drawings, when you study. btw chanterelles feels more solid than other drawings - lines isn't wobbling.

about shadows. Shadows used for the catching and dividing the forms for watcher. it is your tool to separate objects when you talk with viewer with your drawing.

in lesson 2 you should get, that texture is a form too.

and texture simply just look natural and beautiful.

thats why if you want to apply texture for beauty of your pic - you can, if it allow in the lesson. here was: "The first 4 pics must have no texture whatsoever, focusing only on construction. The last 4 can have texture/detail"

sorry for lots of letters and my bad English. it is not my native lang. buuut, i hope my advices will help you to do you best in future and get all the peaks of the Drawabox mountain.