Hello and welcome to drawabox!

Superimposed lines

The lines aside from fraying seem to be arching a little (but that will be fixed with practice, the shorter lines are better but there is no wobbling in any of them which is great!

Ghosted lines

It looks like you sacrificed the straightness of the lines for accuracy, accuracy can be fixed with practice so try to keep your strokes confident like in the superimposed lines exercise.


Most of the ellipses are aligned to the axis. but they are overlapping a little and some of them (mostly the ones at the end) don’t touch the funnel wall

Rough Perspective Boxes

It’s great to see that the horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon, but you repeated some of the vertical lines (If you are having trouble drawing vertical lines then try rotating the page as much as necessary. Even if the lines don’t come out the way you wanted them to, treat them as if they are right, you’ll improve your accuracy in time.

Rotated Boxes

This is a hard exercise so I won't say much about it. the boxes seem to be meeting back at the same vanishing point and some of them are too distant from each other.

Organic boxes

The boxes are repeating so it doesn’t feel like it’s rotating alot. but once you start the 250 box challenge you will get better.

I couldn’t find the Ghosted Planes, Ellipses in planes, Table of Ellipses, or plotted perspective boxes on your album, did you upload them?

I hope this was helpful, you are doing a good job so far!