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5:45 PM, Thursday August 20th 2020

This definitely shows a good deal of improvement in a number of areas. Overall I'm fairly pleased with your results, and while I think further practice will help solidify these concepts, I'm pleased to mark the lesson as complete.

There's just one relatively minor issue I want to call out:

On a number of your drawings (like both these wolves, the mountain lion at the top of this page and the otter at the bottom of this one), you have a contour curve right through the middle of the torso that basically wraps right around the whole thing, including around an additional mass along its top.

This contour curve is a big contradiction, because it neglects the fact that the additional mass is an obviously irregular bump (and is meant to be). Make sure your contour lines actually flow along the surface of the forms as they exist - don't try and use these contour lines to contradict existing elements of your construction, as any kind of contradiction will undermine the illusion you've tried to build up.

So, keep that in mind as you continue practicing these on your own. As I mentioned, I'll go ahead and mark this lesson as complete.

Next Steps:

Move onto the 250 cylinder challenge, which is a prerequisite for lesson 6.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
7:07 PM, Thursday August 20th 2020

Thank you for the critique! And also for answering my questions during your stream that other day :)

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