I'm glad to hear that you're putting your all into it this time around. As long as you are putting this kind of effort into doing your best, then your results are precisely what they're going to be. It all comes back to the fact that you're expected to submit the best you can do right now - if that means not all of them fit snugly within those planes, then so be it.

And yes, you're right about the ellipses in planes being a good choice for warming up to tackle this kind of thing. Also, you may want to experiment with slowing down your stroke a little - not to the point that your line wobbles of course, but remember that the mark making stuff from Lesson 1 all talks about drawing confidently, not necessarily drawing quickly. The more you practice the ghosting method, the more you may be able to reduce your speed without falling into the pattern of hesitation and wobbling. This may help you regain some control, though your primary focus should still be on achieving an evenly shaped ellipse (even if that means losing some accuracy).

For what it's worth, I'm very pleased to hear that you're putting all this effort into it, compared to your initial submission. It shows that you have indeed found ways to invest more time in order to yield better results (even if not perfect results), and that you're taking the work much more seriously.