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4:34 PM, Saturday February 17th 2024

This appears to be more an expression of frustration, than a question - but I did want to step in briefly and make sure you're keeping the points explained here in mind when drawing your textural gradient.

Additionally, I assume this is what you mean, but when you say "I do what I can in the time that I give myself and call it a day" is that you're out of time for the day you set it aside, and then come back to the same one to continue it (repeating this process until it's finished), rather than simply calling it done when you're out of time for the day. Some students get the idea that they're meant to complete a task/page/attempt in one sitting, which is certainly not the case.

3:17 AM, Wednesday February 21st 2024
edited at 3:18 AM, Feb 21st 2024

Yeah, I forgot to actually add a question my bad. I'll be sure to go over the link you provided again. And that is correct, I keep working on the same texture until it is done. I try not to take on too much to prevent burnout. Thank you for your reply.

edited at 3:18 AM, Feb 21st 2024
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