250 Box Challenge

8:30 PM, Sunday February 25th 2024

250 box challenge - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/A6ijy8K

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thank you for taking a look at my work!

this was done before the update on 19th feb 2024

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9:03 PM, Wednesday February 28th 2024
edited at 10:06 PM, Mar 13th 2024

Hello Thelollypop, I’ll be reviewing your 250 Box Challenge today.

First off, congratulations on completing the first hurdle of Drawabox. It’s definitely a long marathon but the quality of work between the start and end pages really demonstrates overall improvement. Now let's begin with the critique.

Note: As you mentioned this was submitted before the revised 250 box challenge so I'll be reviewing based on the old method. But I still suggest looking over the new topics for a deeper understanding.

Things you did well:

  • Lines confidence definitely was a major strength here as you practise to draw straight from the shoulder. Construction lines are relatively straight and you maintain confidence in your lines.

  • Clear experimentation of box size, foreshortening, and orientation. This is a positive habit to carry forward and helps progress our spatial reasoning.

Things you could work on:

  • Hatching overall looked good; however, a majority of the time the lines end up wobbling as they progress to the opposing edge. Try ghosting a couple extra times in order to avoid hesitation. Remember to be mindful and perform the same level of execution as you would with any line.

  • Line weight; not a requirement however it’s a great tool to apply to subtly reinforce the form. I've seen a few boxes where line weight is applied but I still suggest experimenting with that more in future warm-ups/lessons.

  • Sets of lines sometimes converge in pairs rather than collectively towards their respective vanishing points. When constructing a box, be aware of the initial Y line and how each adjacent line should angle itself to the vanishing point. Here’s a diagram showing what to aim for.

Overall, you've done a good job of steadily improving your box quality . I'll mark this down as complete and send you off to Lesson 2. Good luck!

Next Steps:

Lesson 2.

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edited at 10:06 PM, Mar 13th 2024
11:24 PM, Wednesday February 28th 2024

thank you so much for your reply! while this exercise made me gain some confidence I didn't really have the confidence to try line weight. however, I'll try to use it in warmups in the future. your encouragement and constructive feedback (especially the diagrams) really helped to put in perspective where to go next and what to practice.

12:13 AM, Thursday February 29th 2024

Thanks for the feedback! I try to include visual representation when I can. Also no worries on line weight, take it at your own pace.

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