Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

11:38 PM, Tuesday April 2nd 2024

Lesson 3 Homework - Plants - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/iJgiBuo

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I did all the demos and 4 more drawings of plants using the images I attached in the last part of the Imgur post.

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6:29 PM, Wednesday April 10th 2024

Hello, I'll be doing your Lesson 3 critiques, congrats on making it through this far, you've already taken the first step in the second half of this course!

Organic Arrows

You're following the instructions pretty well, your arrows fly into space and compress/decompress accordingly! But I do notice that when it comes to drawing your curves confidently, you start to get wobbly in some places. Remember to ghost your lines until you're fully confident in what you're putting down, you have all the time in the world to work on your marks.

Some things you can try to help is slowing your ghosting to a crawl to help your arm practice the mark easier on both straight lines and curves, or try purposefully ghosting your lines far off course a few times and stop prematurely before the dot so that you can figure out where your arm should not be going just as much as it should (these can help immensely especially when ghosting tiny lines). Point being, just make sure you're always absolutely confident in the mark you're making before you execute.


Similarly to the Organic Arrows you're understanding how to make them flow within the confines of a 3D space, but when it comes to construction you seem to be skipping steps it looks like. Remember to fully construct your forms which includes both sides of the leaves you draw (just because something is hidden by something else in front of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!)


Your segments are starting to connect pretty well and flow enough to follow the core flow-line, but you still have lines trailing off between ellipses. I already lectured you on it, but just remember to ghost till you both are confident and understand the line you're trying to make. This is a natural mistake you're meant to make, so don't feel too hard about it.

Plant Constructions

Make sure you're constructing your petals with flow lines just as you do with the leaves, they're both built on the same fundamental concept after all. Your texturing and detail is coming out smoothly, you understand how to transition from dense to sparse pretty well.

Next Steps:

Overall, you've grasped this exercise and it's purpose excellently well already. Just remember to keep in mind the basic concepts taught to you through lessons 1 and 2 such as ghosting, and be sure to fully construct your forms the whole way instead of skipping steps.

You may be allowed to move onto Lesson 4 - have fun and don't let the bedbugs or spiders or roaches or whatever insects you draw bite.

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6:14 PM, Friday April 12th 2024

Man, thank you very much for this. Every detail you linked helped me understand the critique. I think this is the first time i rushed a lesson so I'll take my time and I will consider each advice you gave me for the next one. Thank you!

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