250 Box Challenge

2:31 PM, Friday June 26th 2020

Drawabox 250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/nUYlg2H.jpg

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It took the better part of a month, but it's finally done. Let me know what you think.

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7:45 AM, Thursday July 1st 2021

Looking good!

One thing I noticed is that the lines that are right next to each other (for ex. the lines for the edge closest to viewer and furthest to viewer) tend to converge a bit too quickly or actually end up diverging.

I believe these are mistakes you'll get rid of overtime.

One fun little tip from is to try and visualize how the box would look like after you draw the line you are currently planning out.

You boxes looked really good so I'd appreciate it if you looked at mine aswell :)

Next Steps:

I would say you are completely qualified to continue onwards with lesson two!

Good luck!

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5:19 AM, Friday September 17th 2021

Thanks for the critique, Vaniilo! I actually moved on long long ago, in fact I just turned in my homework for Lesson 6 yesterday haha. I see what you mean about the lines quickly converging, I'm definitely sure it'll get better with enough practice. And I'll try that visualization trick for sure.

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