Lines: I can see wobbly lines on some of your lines, I can also see arching lines on ghosted lines and ghosted plans. These things usually happen because you’re used to using your wrist and not your shoulder when you’re drawing. Also remember to arc on the opposite side how it's said on L1 Some lines are fraying on both ends in the super imposed lines. You’ll get used to drawing with your shoulder if you keep practicing

Ellipses: I can see some wobbly ellipses, that's because ellipses aren’t draw through 2-3 times before doing the ellipse. In funnels I can see some ellipses floating and ellipses that do not touch the limits of the funnel, also remember the line should cut ellipses in 2 symetrical halves. in table of ellipses the ellipses should be kept within the bounds and each

ellipse touching each other without having overlapping.

Boxes: in the box exercises I see wobbliness on the lines of some boxes, same as lines, you’ll get used to drawing with your shoulder if you practice. I can also see repeated lines on the boxes. In rotated boxes I can see that you forgot to make the 4 boxes on the corners. In organic perspective you should try adding some lineweight to the boxes to make things more clear.

Remember that in drawabox exercises you don't have to make more extra pages. I tell this to you because both in the exercises of ghosted lines as in funnels I see that you did an extra page. I recommend you to read the Lesson 0 again

In rotated boxes you forgot to end the other boxes so I can't mark your lesson as completed until you ended the exercise.