Hello, congratulation on finishing lesson 2. I'll be only pointing out the thing that needs to be improved and Here are my observations:

  1. Organic Arrow

Next time try a simple pattern for the arrow like this for example, so you can focus on nailing the perspective. Keep in mind about these things when you draw the arrow. You seem to have difficulties connecting the curve, my suggestion is to try to draw the first curve, then draw the connecting line, keep in mind the length of the connecting line because it'll affect the perspective and lastly draw the second curve last, with this you will have more control over your perspective.

  1. Organic Forms with Contour Lines

Draw through your ellipse 2 or 3 times only (2 times preferably). For the organic form with a contour curve, I feel like the curve is a little bit stiff and doesn't show much dimension, so my advice is that when you ghost the curve, try to ghost the whole ellipse, but when you put the mark, only draw the part that wraps around the form, so you will get a better sense of how the ellipse turns in space and it will be easier to get that hook.

  1. Texture Analysis

Try use lost and found edges around the middle area like this, so the texture will have better gradation.

  1. Organic Intersections

draw the cast shadow to follow the form of the object they're being cast on.