250 Box Challenge

2:54 AM, Saturday April 25th 2020

250 box challenge - Google Drive

250 box challenge - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13r-IMEmG4SO-wO0HUbjcF7fHXUj3AYw6?usp=sharing

I did these all in like a month and nothing else, any and all critique is welcome :)

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2:02 AM, Saturday May 23rd 2020

Congratulations on finishing the 250 box challenge! Overall I can see both improvement on your lines and convergences. I think you've improved quite a bit on it, your boxes end up being pretty good.

Only thing I think that it's left to you, though you are getting it more or less right by the end of the challenge is the inner corner.

I made this demo to show another method to approach drawing boxes. Instead of completing first the outline of the box, you draw the inner corner before, as it's shown, in the fourth step. This helped me in figuring out the inner corner issue and hopefully it helps to you too.

This method of drawing boxes helps because of this. Thinking about the relationships between lines will lead to better boxes. Drawing the boxes in that order will help you think about this when drawing the lines more, which is why it usually leads to better convergences.

Other than that, I think you can start with the advanced exercises pretty soon, I recommend looking into them as they're super useful! They'll help you to keep challenging you and keep improving too.

Next Steps:

Congrats on finishing the box challenge, and next step is lesson 2, though I can see you've already finished it, good luck on the next lessons!

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2:22 AM, Saturday May 23rd 2020

Thank you so much! I'll be sure to watch that inner corner :) As a side note, it's really cool to see how dedicated you are to the community! It's very inspiring :D

2:26 AM, Saturday May 23rd 2020

Same goes for you, thank you for spending time to help others ^^

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