Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

2:48 AM, Saturday September 4th 2021

I just finished my rough perspective homework, and had a great deal of trouble drawing straight lines perpendicular to the horizon. They were almost always skewed quite a bit off towards another angle. Even the preliminary dots I draw never end up where I think they're going to be.

The weird thing is that I didn't have the same problem connecting my rectangles towards the vanishing point. Those lines are much more likely to go where I want them to. I rotate my page to always draw my lines with the same motion, so I don't think it's any sort of unfamiliar motion causing it.

I did most of my work on a flat surface, but recently tried using a block of wood underneath to draw at more like a 15 degree angle. Could putting my paper at a more extreme angle help?

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4:31 PM, Saturday September 4th 2021

Just practice will help. Turn the paper to place or line up the dots see if that helps.

I don't think the angle matters much. I generally draw flat on the desk for Drawabox and I suspect this is actually the easier option until you build up some muscle strength and memory.

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4:40 AM, Saturday September 4th 2021


So you have problems with your line huh? Well the bet thing to do to get straight line is to use a ruler.

To improve your hand made straight line, you use the ghosting method which consist in marking dots and try to make them

joint with a line. If you have trouble marking line that look straigh on paper you should try to make some and posting the result on discord or here (but for unofficial review) so that someone can point out to you what is wrong.

As far as the perpendicular line are concerned you make want to use a triangle to check the degree of the angle.

Again feel free to take picture of the page which does not look goo to you and share them here or on discord (or even reddit).

Finally you said that said that you tried to use a block of wood underneath to draw. I strongly recommend you to use a flat surface while doing the exercice. A surface unflat like the wook is likely to create woobliness. If the surface of your desk is not flat enough, you may need a plank or even better a drawing baord to make is perfectly flat.

Good luck!

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