250 Cylinder Challenge

8:00 PM, Tuesday August 31st 2021

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over a month to do this exercise. I can't believe I've finally finished it!

I have to be honest, I don't think I really understand the second part of the exercise.

Besides the fact that I haven't been very good at making boxes (I'm working on them, but they still come out a bit rectangular) I don't think I really understood what I had to follow for real.

That is, if I did the ellipsis following the minor-axis I almost certainly did an ellipsis that did not follow the shape of the "kite".

If, on the other hand, I followed the form of the "kite" I almost certainly got the minor-axis thing wrong.

That is, I did not understand what I had to give priority to, in one way or another something came out wrong, in several cases I made a mistake in the ellipse just because I went into the ball and I did not know what I had to follow first, if the shape of the '"kite" or align to the minor-axis.

Anyway, I did my best to finish this exercise. A criticism that helps me to better understand the point of the exercise (and my mistakes) is always more than welcome.

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