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7:37 PM, Monday August 2nd 2021


There are some odd deviations on the Rough Perspective and Ellipses exercises that could be improved, but I think you did well in the other exercises. Fell difficulty in any section?

7:58 PM, Monday August 2nd 2021

Thanks for the feedback! I did struggle with the Ellipses exercises and getting the correct accuracy with my circles. I found the boxes quite fun like a puzzle (rough perspective definitely needs work but hoping to get it stronger in the 250!!).

Thanks again!

2:00 PM, Tuesday August 3rd 2021

If you fell dificulty in Rough Perspective (this exercise really is the Achilles heel haha) try to make warmups with ghosting lines. 10 minutes per day is sufficient for improve your muscle memory before the exercises. And i see some ellipses with uneven form. Dont worry much about that, but try to give your best.

Later the request revision, start the 250 box challenge. It will improve your skills for lesson 2

Next Steps:

Warmups before the exercises- 10 minute per day

1 filled page from Funnels

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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Ellipse Master Template

This recommendation is really just for those of you who've reached lesson 6 and onwards.

I haven't found the actual brand you buy to matter much, so you may want to shop around. This one is a "master" template, which will give you a broad range of ellipse degrees and sizes (this one ranges between 0.25 inches and 1.5 inches), and is a good place to start. You may end up finding that this range limits the kinds of ellipses you draw, forcing you to work within those bounds, but it may still be worth it as full sets of ellipse guides can run you quite a bit more, simply due to the sizes and degrees that need to be covered.

No matter which brand of ellipse guide you decide to pick up, make sure they have little markings for the minor axes.

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