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9:19 AM, Monday April 5th 2021

Regarding Lines:

You seem to have some very good and confident lines. You have some slight arcs on your ghosted lines but you're plains are very straight and very on the mark, both in terms of hitting the dots and hitting the center of the X. Very impressive.

You do seem to still have some very slight overshoots and arched lines but I feel like that's nitpicking.

Regarding Ellipses:

You seem to undershoot sometimes, not hitting both walls and the ceiling and the floor and theres a bit more of a wobble to the lines than before. Still you seem to have good control and go over your first lines well.

Regarding boxes:

Your plotted perspective and rotated boxes were both very clear and I could easily tell what was going on. No obvious critiques from me there.

You seem to struggle a bit more with rough perspective. Some of the boxes were leaning and some sides were smaller than others, making them a bit crocked.

The Organic boxes looked good too. In some of the panels the boxes barely seem to be shrinking at all, but when you look at Uncomfortables drawings he starts them of very big and ends small. But the boxes themselves seem good.

Hope this helps :D

Next Steps:

I'd say the highest priority is to try and work in some of the rough perspective exercises into the warm ups. Work on the planning a bit so the boxes become more even and less crocked. Maybe some organic box exercises as well where you really try to go from big to small.

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6:47 PM, Tuesday April 6th 2021


Thank you soo much I was genuinely smiling throughout everything you written. You express yourself very kindly and nicely:)

I will work on the exercises you told me to while working on 250 boxes.

Hope we talk to each other again:=)

Good night


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