AI and future of drawing

5:55 PM, Tuesday March 28th 2023

AI drawing is here. And it's amazing. Definitely not perfect yet, but it still draws incredibly. It's clear that it's going to have to get a lot better. But these things are evolving very quickly. What do you think is the future of digital drawing? Will it still exist as a profession, or will it remain just as a hobby? Maybe it will exist in some simpler form, like I draw a sketch of what I imagine and the AI creates the final render?

I find it amazing on one hand, terrifying on the other, it can take years to learn to draw, and then one finds that AI can largely replace it :)

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9:54 AM, Saturday April 1st 2023

I can't say for certain what the future of art will look like, but I just want to point out that there is nothing "amazing" about AI "art" generators. They are built off of an incredible amount of stolen images from the internet, and artists right now are putting up a genuine fight against unethical ML:

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4:04 PM, Wednesday March 29th 2023
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it will definitly transform what skills are marketable

like same as photography eredicated the market of drawing potraits for example

in short i think it will just lead to creativity being way more important than the technical skill of drawing / painting and rather be able to operate and adjust the new tools

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5:40 PM, Saturday April 1st 2023
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Well one thing that differs AI art from Human art is that the algorithms or models as we say in machine learning that creates those art pieces are not emotional. Yeah they do a good job at predicting or say imitating what pain, happiness, anger, etc feel like but it doesn't know what it actually is and that's what I think differs AI art from human art. I mean every artist has a personal touch to his art. You follow an artist for a good period of time and you start noticing that even though the subjects of the pieces, scenarios or even the mediums of art maybe different but they all share some subtle similarities that bind them whole as a work of single artist. I mean I started noticing this just recently in all artforms like music, design, drawing etc. I was listening to the music and suddenly it hit me and i guessed the musician without having the slightest idea who composed that song because I never listened to that song before. See sam spratt or say kim jung gi or marvel studios, linkin park. All their art radiates some auras that are unique to only them. These things are not possible in AI because it takes refrence for everything from the internet and not from the experiences like humans. But because a lot of people in this world doesn't appreciate how much efforts an art needs they'll still prefer the cheap AI art with a lot flaws. So that's a bitter truth but yeah it will affect us as artists. But since introduction of carpenter tools didn't make the carpentry job extinct or turned every person into a carpenter. I say before it's too late we should learn how to harness it's abelities to level up ourselves. Yes AI steals from everyone on the internet it doesn't build anything new. So I would say keep friends close but enemies closer.

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9:59 AM, Sunday April 2nd 2023

I believe that the creative ideas and true emotions of human reflected in their drawings will not be replaced by AI.

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12:57 PM, Sunday April 2nd 2023

True AI art will be intended for AIs.

We have given materials and tools to many other species - and have seen enough common themes in what they produce to accept they are deliberate productions. However beyond that we have no idea of their true meaning, subject or impact on others of the species that produced them. When eventually autonomous self aware machines (AIs) exist they may well create completely new original sound and visual art but us humans are probably going to scratch our heads and say "huh?" - We may well be able to tell it is art but it will almost certainly not mean anything to us, even if explained.

While current AI may be able to produce images from prompts and even copy styles the fact is that it cannot "draw a dog crying because the elephant died in the style of Joe Bloggs" until Joe Bloggs has produced enough of their own unique creative work for the the AI to look at and er "be influenced by".

Which focuses on the nub of the matter - AI cannot produce until it has accessed references and been "taught" what art is and what words in terms of prompts mean. AI (or rather the owner/operators) MUST be made to pay for the resources it is using - it needs to pay Joe Bloggs to see their work and if Joe Bloggs does not wish for AI to see their work they should be able to refuse payment (of any amount) so that AI may then not be shown their work.

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