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1:33 PM, Friday January 13th 2023

Sorry, I threw the paper sheet away.

But I think you did pretty well!

It sure sucks struggle with something. Last week I tried to paint a portrait on Procreate following lessons from a online course. The process was close to the traditional painting. I was convinced I had the skills to make a portrait, but I was wrong. The eyes were googly and the hands were off...

I sure learned many things trying and now I know what I need to learn more. Next portrait I will try to make a sketch first e pay close attention to the eyes.

If my only concern is the end result, I failed. If I'm looking for evolution, I did well: trying the portrait made me better and the next one (even if not finished again) will push me further too.

1:54 PM, Friday January 13th 2023

Damn,! Use and throw method ????

If you don't mind , can you explain/ elaborate your last paragraph a little more because I think that's a important part for progress, I would be happy to hear more for you!!

3:00 PM, Friday January 13th 2023

I mean, when I'm studying I really want to reproduce everything I read or watch, but it will not be always the case. Sometimes I will need to try many many times, read and watch again. But since I'm learning more everytime, I'm not stuck - even if the result I predicted is still not reached.

The portrait I tried: it's not a commission, there is no deadline, it's ok it went wrong.

It's like I want? No. But I'm better than before. That's what matter

3:59 PM, Friday January 13th 2023
edited at 7:23 AM, Jan 14th 2023

Yes, you are absolutely right.

After analysing the problems with my both progress and process is the FEAR OF DRAWING BAD !!!!

Even though I have watched drawabox video about mindset and other videos and so countless times, I still find myself strucking right into this monster.

The fear was so overwhelm that it almost made me quit art few months ago

This fear even knocks on door even when I am doing 50 percent drawing. I find that it has adversely affected the drawing I had done even if they were for fun.

edited at 7:23 AM, Jan 14th 2023
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