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3:22 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

I was struggling a little with perspective so I stopped for a while and started watching videos like: the history of houses, architecture and this was great for me because I never thought studying these things could be so much fun and it all can contribute to my overall appreciation of different forms of art as well.

8:43 AM, Thursday January 12th 2023

Hi do you still know which videos that were?

I struggle a lot with perspective and with drawing 3d.

Felt quite stuck lately and you seem to know some good recourses.

1:00 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023

Oh no, I just type this on YouTube and watch the ones that I feel appeal more to my need at the time, but I can share some of the ones I watched:

I like the way this guy explains perspective

Scott Robertson is just phenomenal (this one is a little unrelated to perspective but I think it will help you boost your fun and creativity in your journey as you see the world)

This one I recommend doing the exercises along, pausing and taking it easy

I think we tend to get very technical and take all the fun out of the things we study

Trent is cool because I also love RPG style of environment

1:31 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023

Oh and also following along tutorials like this one in the beginning can really help you build mileage and get the hang of painting in general

8:43 AM, Tuesday January 17th 2023

Holy moly, that is quite a lot.

I think I will go through them one by one, taking my time.

Thank you so much for taking your time to find these things. I hope that a lot more people find this discussion so that they can see the videos for them selfs.

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11:56 PM, Saturday January 28th 2023

These are great videos. Thanks for sharing.

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5:07 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023

There is a book called "Perspective Made Easy", by E.R. Norling, that is gold to learn the basics.

8:46 AM, Tuesday January 17th 2023

Oh I heard of that one. I think Marshall Vanduff talkes once about it on the dratfsmen podcast about that one. It's on my list but well...there is so much great information on the internet it is kind of overwhelming. For everyone who reads that listen to the drafstmen podcast, it's good and informative, they talk about so much stuff and always art focused.

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