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1:31 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023

Oh and also following along tutorials like this one in the beginning can really help you build mileage and get the hang of painting in general

8:43 AM, Tuesday January 17th 2023

Holy moly, that is quite a lot.

I think I will go through them one by one, taking my time.

Thank you so much for taking your time to find these things. I hope that a lot more people find this discussion so that they can see the videos for them selfs.

11:53 AM, Tuesday January 17th 2023
edited at 4:10 PM, Jan 17th 2023

There are a lot of awesome stuff out there, just remember that one of the rules for studying smart and efficiently rather than just hard but inefficiently is choosing only the best materials, if it seems like a waste of your precious time just stop and move on haha :D

edited at 4:10 PM, Jan 17th 2023
12:44 PM, Friday January 20th 2023

Yeah there is so much.......just too much. I always felt bad when I didn't stick with something because it might have something valuable that I've not heard somewhere else.....but well just ended up with so much repeat information.

Also something I've asked my self quite a lot. Is it worth listening to the advice of artist of which you really don't like there style of? They are well loved for a reason and they seem to know a lot, but when they draw everything just looks so......wrong to me.

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11:56 PM, Saturday January 28th 2023

These are great videos. Thanks for sharing.

11:06 AM, Sunday January 29th 2023

I'm glad I could help haha :D

1:42 PM, Sunday January 29th 2023

Trent has a way of giving no-nonsenses answers, but at the same time imparting extremely valuable information. I love the quality of his work. Many greats in that list.

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