About another subjects not relating to DRAWABOX.

8:29 AM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

Thanks to our Drawabox all of us had a knowledge about the things it has provided us but I just ran with a issue few weeks ago

During 50 percent rule I had an idea of drawing a dragon like creature wearing a knight helmet

Thanks to the information and practices in animal lesson I was somehow able to tackle dragon but when it came to the Helmet I had issues

I looked for its reference and when I tried to break it into simple forms and then again re construct it , it didn't turned out to be as planned

(It is not about using a reference during 50 percent or about the mindset to get perfect, or that practice will solve it is you do researches and draw again and again) but the fact that drawabox is all about the skills that tackle these kinds of problems of constructional drawing, I am still not able to do that Helmet drawing

Can you tell what skills am I missing and how can I improve it OR it is some other type of matter that I am not aware of!!!

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2:37 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

In my humble opinion, when we are in the beginning of the journey we get excited and want to tackle way too complex things that we YET don't fully understand, but taking the time to learn more about the object, about the material, take some refs observe them, and be patient with our learning process we can build mileage and implement this knowledge little by little. I see this like learning a language, in the beginning you want to understand everything and speak fluently right away but you still have many new words to discover. Also with an RPG game, it's defeating simple slimes in the beginning that we gain XP to move on to face stronger enemies. So if you are beginning to understand the construction of animals you will be able to see the forms and volumes of other things too trying to figure them out little by little, maybe the first try was too much, but as you look for a 3D model, a tutorial how to draw helmets you can expand that knowledge and figure out how to see what you were not seeing before. Also seeking critiques can help you with those gaps. I also hope these videos help you in any way



2:54 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

Thanks , it relieved me soo much as I was beginning to think that i was not able to grasp the constructional knowledge that drawabox provide.

If I understand you correctly it's about the matter of time. As I continue to deconstruct the subjects being taught and with gaining the knowledge of the subjects I like , I might/ will be able to deconstruct other things like the Helmet (it is highly unlikely I would draw helmets in my drawing)

Am I understand it right or there is something out of order in my mind!!!!

3:18 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

Yes, exactly! The basic principle is for you to develop your spatial reasoning, right? so it's not focusing exactly on the technicalities but on how you can start seeing and undertanding the objects in 3D so you can rotate, create, design your own. And this takes time and effort but does not take away the fun and thrill of developing your skills too. Best of luck with your studies and creations (^_^)

4:48 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

My greatest gratitude for you, if i have some other doubts , I would be glad to be seeing you there!!!

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3:22 PM, Wednesday January 11th 2023

I was struggling a little with perspective so I stopped for a while and started watching videos like: the history of houses, architecture and this was great for me because I never thought studying these things could be so much fun and it all can contribute to my overall appreciation of different forms of art as well.

8:43 AM, Thursday January 12th 2023

Hi do you still know which videos that were?

I struggle a lot with perspective and with drawing 3d.

Felt quite stuck lately and you seem to know some good recourses.

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1:45 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023
edited at 1:49 PM, Jan 12th 2023

You already have a good answer from LUCYMORAES38, I will just contribute with a tip on the specific subject you tried to draw.

If you had no problem with the dragon head (usaly a sphere with a alongated box in front to depict the jaw) and no problem with the helmet (usaly a cylinder with half sphere on top), maybe the problem is the relationship between those forms.

Maybe you trying to put a too small helmet on a bigger head (or small head to a big helmet).

Maybe the helmet are trespassing some feature of the dragon and you are not seeing it - just feeling the problem.

Are the head and helmet vectors aligned?

My advice is to try simpler forms to the head and the helmet, I think you tried one step ahead you should.

Just an insight, maybe it's not the problem at all.

Hope I helped some way.

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2:28 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023
edited at 2:37 PM, Jan 12th 2023

Thanks for your thoughts!! Actually i was struggling with the helmet itself. Here it's reference and how I did it


It would of of great help if you tell me how you would go about deconstructing it.

My crazy mind pick the most difficult Helmet present on Pinterest rather than other where front is plane.

Can you also please expand your thought where you said that "I have move one step ahead"

Thanks ones again

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3:47 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023
edited at 3:47 PM, Jan 12th 2023

When i said maybe you where one step ahead I mean maybe you are using too much forms or too complex forms.

Maybe you are using more complex forms when you could just use a simple sphere/cone/cylinder/box and just after that try to shape that sphere/cone/cylinder/box into a more complex form closer to the reference.

Exemplifying: A head can be simplified into a half-sphere (cranium) on top a box (jaw). After this first step you star to carve both the sphere and the box to move closer to the reference.

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3:01 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023

It's indeed a hard helmet to reduce to basic forms.

I did this one:


The porportions are a bit off, but I think it's ok.

I forgot to add the crest of the helmet on the study, but it's a pyramid-like as llike the facemask.

5:47 AM, Friday January 13th 2023

Thanks mate!! If you don't mind , can you please again send the image , I can't fully figure it out. Here is the one I did , again after countless times


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