Hi! Good job on completing lesson 1. I will review your submission

Superimposed lines: First of all, good job on starting the line at the same spot for each pass. I can tell from this that you understand the lesson and the instructions. The first thing I want to point out is that you seemed to struggle more with the longer lines. This will improve with practice, just make sure you are using your whole arm when you do this. Also, try your best to be confident, and don't hesitate.

Ghosted lines and ghosted planes: Good job on the ghosted lines page. Your lines are not showing much wobble, so make sure you keep using your whole arm. You do miss quite a few times, but this isn't such a big deal as you're starting out. As you keep practicing, you will improve. For the ellipses on the ghosted planes, you did a good job fitting the ellipses snuggly on the plane. The ellipses don't seem very consistent, some passes are larger than others. This will also improve with time, so make sure you do this exercise as warmup.

Table of ellipses: Again, I notice that you seem to struggle with the ellipses. The problem could be that you're hesitating, or you might be slowing down on the second and third pass for each ellipse. You could maybe try doing it a little faster. Remember to use your whole arm. Other than that, you did a good job fitting the ellipses on the grids.

Perspective and boxes exercises: There are some mistakes on the perspective exercises. You missed quite a few times on the one-point perspective exercise. Most people make many mistakes on this section, so don't worry too much about it. I do want to point out that for the rotated boxes page, your lines seem a little rough. Adding line-weight is good, but avoid overdoing it. Also, add line-weight the same way you would draw any other line, and use the ghosting method.

For the organic perspective page, your lines are diverging instead of converging towards a vanishing point. This will improve a lot when you do the 250 box challenge.

Overall, good job with the lesson. I advice you do warmups that include ellipses. I hope my critique has helped in some way. Good luck moving on with Drawabox.