Should i pratice first before submit my homework?

1:38 PM, Monday July 4th 2022

Hello guys

I just started to follow this course this whole month, and i see both in the tutorial video and in this website, that you should not grind yourself to the point of perfection.

But, i want to know if i should practice the exercise many times until i understand it or just post the exercise first time i do it, no matter how bad it is for it get critiqued and i fix right away?

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1:58 PM, Monday July 4th 2022

You should just post what you made, otherwise you get hung up on it and begin grinding at the assignments which isn't the point.

You will use the lessons later as warm up.

3:41 PM, Monday July 4th 2022

Thanks for the advice... Now i know what to do

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6:50 PM, Monday July 4th 2022

Be sure to go through Lesson 0, if you haven't already. This video from Lesson 0 Page 3 explains how the exercises in this course are to be used, and answers your question in detail.

3:00 AM, Tuesday July 5th 2022

Oh hey Uncomfortable!

I have listened to your tutorial video and i now realize that i am working in vacuum. I should just read the instruction, do the exercise to my best and submit it no matter how bad it is, not just practicing by myself until i understand it. I thought by practicing the exercise many time on many paper myself before i submit the exercisee, i will, at least understood how to do it.

Thank you for your help

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