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3:14 PM, Thursday May 18th 2023

It's been ten days since I posted my 250 box challenge assignment. I know that it isn't guaranteed to get a critique by the community and that it can take weeks/months. My question is, should I move onto lesson 2 or keep waiting for a critique? I have been drawing, just haven't moved forward with lesson 2.

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4:03 PM, Thursday May 18th 2023

Hi Melos,

If you want to guarantee critiques, you can check out the unofficial critique exchange program introduced here.

Join our Discord server and read the pinned message in the channel there to see how it works. :)

5:50 PM, Thursday May 18th 2023

I actually am a part of the server but somehow never noticed that channel?? Anyhow, I already found it, thanks for sending me there!

1:29 AM, Friday May 19th 2023

Same. I thought the entire discord server was the exchange program and I wasn't aware of the actual program until I'm further into the course

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