Restarting Drawabox after a long break

5:43 PM, Monday September 19th 2022

So I haven't done Drawabox for about 6 months now. Last time I stopped I was at Lesson 2 doing the texture exercise. I also completed 250 boxes challenge. Now I want to get back at Drawabox to improve my skills but it's been so long that I'm not quite sure what to do next in the course.

Should I just carry on with my last lesson? Should I redo Lesson 1 and 250 boxes challenge? Or should I incorporate past exercises of lesson 1 and 250 boxes in my warm-ups?

What do you guys advice? Thanks a lot!

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11:03 PM, Monday September 19th 2022

Go over the lesson material and practice a bit to get back into the groove of it, then continue where you left off.

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2:09 AM, Tuesday September 20th 2022
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Delete this please

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3:36 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

Hey I don't think that has to be deleted. Even if OP won't follow it word for word, I think there's still value listening to what you are personally doing

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3:29 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

I don't think redoing the lessons and challenges will be necessary, but certainly make sure to read the material again, and again after long periods of time. If you like, maybe just do the warmups until you've, well, warmed up enough that you feel comfy enough to continue the lessons where you left off. But not too comfy, drawabox is all about doing the uncomfortable things you aren't ready for yet, then refining your work with practice. AND REMEMBER THE 50% RULE.

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10:07 PM, Friday September 30th 2022

Mr Kan insited on us starting over after a hiatus, in the notes. Don't know his current take!

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