Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:20 PM, Thursday January 13th 2022

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First, I thank those who review my work!

It has been a pleasure to study from Drawabox.

I have learned an immense amount of things since then.

There are a couple of things I think I should highlight:

  • I've applied the 50/50 rule, with pleasure. And I've realized that I unconsciously apply things I've learned here in my own drawings.

  • I have understood the principles of drawing consistent and confident lines. It has been difficult though! It's still something I'm working on, any criticism would still help.

  • There is a strange jumble in the last few exercises on perspective and boxes, I think I have understood the basics; although they are somewhat difficult to apply!

Note: I don't speak English natively, so I'm making an effort to clarify as best I can.

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5:16 PM, Sunday January 16th 2022

Hello I’ll be handling the critique for your lesson 1 homework, I’m happy to know that you are enjoying the course so far.


-Starting with the superimposed lines, you are doing a good job. They show little fraying at the ends and you always start at a clearly defined point. They wobble slightly from time to time, but you’ll get better with practice.

-Moving on to the ghosted lines I want to remind you that you should not focus too much on accuracy just yet, it is one of those things that will come with more mileage and practice, you want to prioritize drawing smooth and confident lines. You are moving in the right direction here, and you are using the ghosting method to good effect

-The ghosted planes are really no different from the ghosted lines, here your linework is looking solid and confident.


-Starting with the tables of ellipses, I think you rushed them a little. take your time to consider the degree, angle and spacing of your ellipses. Keep pushing yourself to draw them from your shoulder, and avoid those little tiny ellipses, while it is very helpful to know how to execute them, in most of your exercises you will do in the future you’ll want to use as much space as possible to ensure that you are engaging your whole arm

-Moving on to the ellipses in planes, I like to see that you have prioritized drawing even elliptical shapes, and you have drawn through them the required amount of times.

-You have also done a good job on the funnels, they are well spaced and don’t spill out of the edges, the alignment looks alright as the minor axis line cuts the ellipses in halves most of the time.


-Starting with the rough perspective you have kept in mind the alignment, and your lines look confident which helped your boxes look more solid and believable, but I want to stress one point. When you make a mistake do not try to correct by adding another line, this will only make it stand out more. So when you miss a mark, just move on and try to learn from your mistakes.

-Your rotated boxes are turning out well with a few things to improve.First make sure that you keep the gaps between boxes narrow, this will make it easier for you to use the sides of adjacent boxes as hints. Second, try to use as much space on your page as possible. This will help you to engage your whole arm and thus make more confident marks.

-Finishing with the organic perspective, try to add lineweight with a confident stroke and only use it on the lines representing the silhouette of the box. Again do not try to correct lines, use the ghosting method to ensure that you will draw your lines to the best of your ability.

Before I go I wanted to leave a note, as I see you are very keen on receiving feedback, to ensure you receive feedback in your next submissions you can go to the critique exchange channel on the drawabox discord and ask how you can get critiques. You should be able to join here. If you don’t want to join then tell me and I can give you further assistance.

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5:16 PM, Sunday January 16th 2022

You can move on to the box challenge by the way.

6:03 PM, Sunday January 16th 2022

Thank you very much, really!

That's a very comprehensive critique, I'll keep everything in mind from lines to ellipses and everything else.

I'll be dropping by the Discord server, hope to get some feedback over there.

2:55 PM, Monday March 14th 2022

Hello again! Sorry to bother, but I've been logging into Discord, and I didn't quite understand how to receive criticism there.

I wanted to ask you for help, when you have a chance :'')

I also didn't get any badge for doing the first lesson, I don't know if those things are very important.

4:23 PM, Monday March 14th 2022

Yes, when you enter the server you will see various channels under the category #drawabox-critiques, there are channels dedicated for each lesson, where you can share some of your exercises.

The badges are not important but you can also ask for them on the discord, and you will get them vey fast. You can take a look and ask the people there for assistance, they will help you.

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