Questing on Texturing lesson 2

8:18 PM, Saturday April 2nd 2022

Trying to figure out if I'm gettign what lesson 2 with textures is being shown here:

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11:23 PM, Sunday April 3rd 2022

You seem to be understanding that you're supposed to be filling in cast shadows, but I think you're being too selective with how dark your cast shadows need to be for you to fill them in.

To clarify, none of the cast shadows on the paper seem to be describable with a single black line, yet there are several instances on your paper in which you do that. It seems as though you're describing the start or stop edges of the shadow, but you need to actually fill in the shadow form, which you do with a couple of your fully black shapes.

Try to really think about what is casting the shadow, and then describe that thing that's casting the shadow by outlining the shadow and then filling it in.

It's ok if you don't fully understand it, I certainly didn't when I first did the texture analysis.

3:22 PM, Monday April 4th 2022

It's fine, I'm sure it will be better explained when I turn this in and probably will not fully get it as this is far too advanced atm and really should be covered later imo.

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