They are generally great and they improve over the set; however your get wobbly at times. Remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy.

Your first pirority is to have confident and straight lines, so focus on that first and don't worry if you need to sacrifice accuracy as a confident line will always be better than a wobbly line no matter the accuracy.

There is fraying on both ends on your superimposed lines. Fraying at the end is normal, but there shouldn't really be any fraying at the starting point, so try to be mindful of starting at the same point everytime.

Your lines are arching, so make sure you are using the shoulder pivot. If you are having difficulty while doing the pivot, you can fix it by trying to consciously arch to the opposite direction.

You have repeating lines. No matter how off a line is, you shouldn't repeat it, you should keep the line as if it were correct and move on.


Here as well mainly a good job. Your ellipses are a bit wobbly. Like with the lines, remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy on ellipses too.

On ellipse tables, the ellipses should be kept within the bounds, each ellipse touching each other, without overlapping.

On funnels the ellipses sometimes aren't aligned. Make sure the ellipses aren't tilted, and are cut to 2 symmetrical halves by the minor axis, and make sure to ignore the curves if you need to, your first priority is to cut the ellipse to 2 symmetrical halves.

Also on your funnels you didnt draw through some ellipses. Remember to draw through the ellipses 2 to 3 times, 2 times preferably.


Solid work here as well, just like the lines exercise no matter how off a line is never repeat it no matter how off they are. Don't do it as it makes your drawings messier and encourages bad habits.

On rough perspective exercise, width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon. I know this can be difficult , but keep it up and try your best to keep them aligned.

On rotated boxes, you've done a good job with the rotation and keep the boxes corners close however there are a lot of wobbly lines.

Also don't forget to use line weight on the rotated boxes to clarify where the forms overlap.

On the rotated boxes exercise. You can add lineweight to the outer parts of the boxes that overlap others. That way you can make clear which boxes are on top and which are behind.

You have some perspective issues on the organic perspective and rotated boxes but nothing much to worry about since the 250 box challenge will really help you with that.

Overall your doing a good job , but before you go to the 250 box challenge. I want to make sure you know how to draw confident lines even if it means sacrificing your accuracy before going to the 250 box challenge. So I want you to do one more page of rough perspective. Good luck and keep it up.