Lesson 7: Applying Construction to Vehicles

2:33 AM, Monday December 25th 2023

Lesson 7 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/IdgQ3MV

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Aaaaaaaaand DONE! Phew, that was an intense 2 weeks xD. I don't know if you're gonna look at it this before the promptathon, but in case you do, Marry Christmas and a happy new year to the whole team, and thanks for the whole course and all the feedbacks and other help you're provided throughout.

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7:38 PM, Monday December 25th 2023

Honestly I was worried when your submission came in so quickly - I don't think I've seen anyone complete this lesson in 2 weeks without rushing horribly, but at a glance that does not seem to be the case here. So when you say that the last 2 weeks was "intense", you must be putting it quite lightly!

Well, I've got a ton of work to get done (despite it being Christmas), so I'll skip the pleasantries and try to be brief! Jumping right in with the form intersections, your work is largely well done. My concerns mainly fall to two relatively minor things:

  • Don't go back over marks or correct mistakes! It's only going to make things messier, and furthermore it tricks our brain into thinking the mistake was never made, which makes it more likely we'll do it again. Leaving a mistake to stand for itself forces us to acknowledge it and makes it more likely we'll learn from having made it.

  • Your intersections generally look quite solid and demonstrate a good grasp of the relationships between the forms, except for those here which I honestly can't really gauge. Really the issue here isn't the possibility of those not being entirely correct, but more the situation that resulted in cramming a bunch of forms into a really tight space. I don't really see the learning value from it, so it's best something to avoid when doing this exercise in the future.

Continuing onto your cylinders in boxes, by and large these are well done, although I did notice that the red lines on this one appear to be extended in the wrong direction. At first it looked like it was a case where it was aligned more in a 2 point perspective configuration, which while not that useful for the exercise would merit having lines extended in either direction, but I did notice that it's actually not, as that would require both the top and bottom faces to be facing away from us. Rather, the box is tilted slightly, such that the red lines should have been extended in the opposite direction.

Continuing onto your "form intersection vehicles," fantastic work. You've clearly applied the intent of the exercise very effectively, focusing on the fact that while this lesson does have us working with a lot of individual lines and measurements, at the end of the day we're still constructing solid primitive volumes and gradually whittling them down, rather than laying out a forest of lines and stitching them together into a final result in the end.

This also carries over very nicely into your more detailed constructions, where that sense of volume is still very clear and well used. I'm also thrilled with the level of attention you've continue to carry forward with your orthographic plans, taking their use for making decisions to heart throughout, and leveraging them very effectively to achieve successful 3D constructions without haphazard guesswork.

As a whole, you've done a fantastic job, and I am proud to mark this lesson as complete - and with it, the course as a whole. Keep up the great work, and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you ultimately move onto next - though given your work ethic and patience, I don't expect you'll need it.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
1:20 AM, Wednesday December 27th 2023

These are very kind words, I'm actually quite touched by the last paragraph. Thank you. I intend to move to the 25 texture and 100 treasure chests challenges next, so I'll stick around a little longer xD, we'll see after that.

I actually started going through the materials and doing the demos for lesson 7 few days before uploading 25 wheels challenge, so these last 2 weeks were mostly drawing just 6 vehicles (since I submitted the first 2 demos). The whole lesson took me more like 2 and a half weeks, but that was all I drew for that time, so I'm probably like 50+ hours behind on the 50/50 rule. How convenient that Winter promptathon just started :D. Thanks again for the motivation and encouragement, it really means a lot coming from you.

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