Drawabox Fineliners: Free Shipping to Canada?

5:07 PM, Monday July 11th 2022

Hi Comfy,

You mention on the Drawabox fineliners page that shipping is only free to the United States. I live in Canada, just north of the border. I recall that you yourself are Canadian. Is shipping not free to Canada as well? If not, what does shipping cost?


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11:51 PM, Monday July 11th 2022

Where we're able to offer free shipping is dependent on where the pens actually ship from. While I am indeed based in Canada, it's Jordan - or SvenDogee - who handles all of the pen distribution, and he is based in the United States. The price of shipping within the US is baked into the price (which is how free shipping generally works), and is therefore also deducted from the shipping cost those outside of the US see.

Having checked myself (by going through the purchase process up to the point that the shipping fee shows up), shipping to Canada appears to cost an additional $11.50 USD, bringing the price of 1 pack to $29 USD ($2.90/pen), and the price of two packs to $46.50 USD ($2.33/pen). Ultimately while we'd love to operate at a scale where we can offer free shipping to more countries, that's unfortunately unfeasible for us, so I went about structuring this venture in a way that would target the region where we have the most students.

12:35 AM, Tuesday July 12th 2022

Thank you for the explanation. Completely understandable.

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