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9:29 PM, Thursday September 23rd 2021

Good job on finishing lesson 1! Here are the things I want to point out from your submissions:

Your superimosed lines tend to go off track. Make sure you add this excercise to your warmups. Being confident is key to improving on this aspect, and remember to use your whole arm.

The wobble on your lines isn't too severe. There are some problems with accuracy on the planes excercise but overall you did a nice job.

Your ellipses don't look too wobbly and you fit the majority of the ellipses properly on the boxes, just try working on drawing through your ellipses. Add the ellipses on planes excercises so you can practice both lines and ellipses.

The issues in the organic perspective excercise are what you would expect to see in lesson 1, so don't worry too much about it. The major issue is that your lines diverge instead of converging into a vanishing point. Do the 250 boxes excercise and your previous mistakes will become clear.

Good job! Keep doing your warmups and you will see results. Make sure you don't skip the 250 challenge. You will improve a lot from it.

Next Steps:

Do 250 box challenge.

Add superimposed lines and ellipses on planes excercises to warmups.

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9:43 PM, Friday September 24th 2021

Thank you for your feedback!

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