Lesson 7: Applying Construction to Vehicles

10:19 PM, Wednesday September 22nd 2021

dab lesson 7 :) - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/YuUP14d.jpg

Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered enterta...

(Demos, orthographic views and constructions without shadows here)

Hello there, thank you for taking a look at my work!

I started this course approximately one year ago and it honestly feels kinda surreal to be finished, haha. I was a complete newbie before starting drawabox and I managed to learn so much more than I would've been able to if I didn't find out about it.

I am honestly infinitely grateful to everyone who is a part of this community, and obviously to Uncomfortable himself. Thanks to you people, I managed to discover dreams that I didn't even know I had and I'm sure this is the same for most of the students going through DaB.

I feel like I could keep adding paragraphs this message for days but fail to say something meaningful because of my limited english so I'm going to try to stop here :/

Thank you.

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7:18 AM, Tuesday September 28th 2021

Hey man,

I jst completed lesson 3 and about to to embark on lesson 4. So what's next for you then ? Are you going to start another course or just keep building on the skills you learned in DaB ?


6:46 AM, Wednesday September 29th 2021

oh I'm planning to get into figure drawing and 3d modeling but I can't say anything for certain right now. Although I feel like I would be building on the stuff I learned here no matter what I go with hehe.

Good luck with lesson 4, it's a fun one!

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10:03 AM, Sunday October 3rd 2021

looking great ! im new and just about to start this website lessons . from your personal feel , how effective do you think this is for a complete begineer ? i look forwardto ur reply

10:26 AM, Sunday November 21st 2021

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

I found the course very effective as a beginner honestly. Now whenever I'm trying to learn something new in art, I feel way more comfortable thanks to DaB: :)

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