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11:43 AM, Friday June 18th 2021

Thank you for your time and critique. It is full of helpful advice. I have a hard time understanding the line weight and the visual hierarchy. I find it really hard to understand the concepts so, I struggled a lot. Also, my line confidence got worse as I keep studying for some reason. That's why I was honestly surprised to get positive feedback on some of my plants. Thank you. At some point towards the middle of Lesson 3, I felt like I wasn't doing as instructed in the lesson materials, so I decided to start from lesson 1 and get an official critique. I hope I will figure out what and why I am doing wrong.

12:01 PM, Friday June 18th 2021

But that's great that you're aware of your weaknesses and use that to try and fight them.


If you have time and are willing I'd be super happy if you'd be willing to critique my second or third lesson homework. If not that's totally fine.

Have a good one and good luck on your future assignments! :)

12:38 PM, Friday June 18th 2021

I will look at them as soon as possible. :)

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