250 Box Challenge

1:51 PM, Wednesday February 28th 2024

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Imgur: https://imgur.com/S2xUT0g

Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered enterta...

I didn't see the requirement changes until after I had completed the 250 box challenge about a week ago.

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3:22 AM, Friday March 1st 2024

Hi there, I'll be handling your box challenge critique.

The challenge was recently updated but as the disclaimer at the beginning mentions, we expect older versions to be submitted for some time. It's fine that you didn't follow the new requirements as you started before it was updated. I would encourage you to read/watch through the updated challenge however as it may help clarify/reinforce your understanding of the concepts throughout the challenge.

All of that being said, your submission currently just links to a single page. Reply to this comment with a link to the rest of your pages and I'll handle your critique as soon as I can.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Next Steps:

Submit the rest of your boxes please.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
3:31 PM, Saturday March 2nd 2024

I am so sorry only one page came through.

I have all 40 pages entered into imgur but now I see that each page has its own "copy link" button. I don't see how to send all pages as 1 link. Do i need to send each page link individually?

Can I send the link(s) directly back to you or do I go to the bottom of the queue again?

Thank you

3:42 PM, Saturday March 2nd 2024

Copy the link from your browser's address bar. It'll probably follow the format imgur.com/a/ABCDEFGH. This is also demonstrated in the video on Lesson 0 Page 3, in the section where it discusses uploading your images to Imgur.

When you've got the appropriate link, be sure to respond to Tofu's original message (as opposed to this one) so he gets notified.

5:02 PM, Saturday March 2nd 2024


5:15 PM, Saturday March 2nd 2024


I hope this works

9:59 PM, Saturday March 2nd 2024

No need to apologize, people make mistakes and they learn. Just a matter of getting it figured out.

This link works, but that being said it seems like a bunch of the pages are missing. Seems there's 19 pages, most with 6 boxes each. So roughly half of your boxes are unaccounted for.

I'd recommend trying to upload them again, or uploading the missing pages into another album and submitting the second link, or maybe look into google photos/drive if you find it easier/preferred.

Next Steps:

Submit the rest of your boxes please.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
12:10 AM, Sunday March 3rd 2024
12:12 AM, Sunday March 3rd 2024

After 26 it says to click the box for the remaining 26 pages. I hope I got it right this time.

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