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11:52 AM, Friday March 3rd 2023

Hello and welcome to drawabox, good work on completing lesson 1!

ill be critiquing your homework today

1: Lines

  • you've done good work on the lines, i do see some wobbliness on the ghosted lines and ghosted planes exercise,

  • these are not earth shattering but you do need to remember you are focusing on confident not accurate lines

2: Ellipses

  • On the Ellipses i'd say they look pretty good! although i do see some wobbliness on tables of ellipses exercise bit thats pretty reasonable

  • in the the ellipses in planes exercise though you line quality has seem to have suffered a bit, it is improtant to use the information that you got from the lines section and apply it to the other exercises

  • I see you had some trouble with the funnels but to be honest we all have, although you have to keep this in mind

when your ellipses are going on the middle line not only are they getting smaller but they are also getting narrower the closer they are getting to the middle the more it turns into an oval, at least thats how i looked at it

3: boxes

Your boxes look good and you seem to have understood the concepts of perspective

But here's some things to note

  • The rotating boxes would need to be a little narrower in some areas, but i won't be too hard on them cause they are quite hard to get right

  • Could use a little bit more variation in the angles of the boxes on the organic perspective exercise

Overall you did a really good job! on lesson 1 there are some problems with the ellipses bit but it's nothing catastrophic,

as for perspective i believe you'll have plenty of more time to improve it on the 250 box challenge

I will give you some homework on thing that i believe you should focus on and then ill mark your lesson as complete

Also i really recommends using some or the exercises as warmups before your drawing session so you don't get rusty!

Next Steps:

one page of funnels

one page of ellipses in planes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
6:31 PM, Wednesday March 15th 2023

I barely saw this! Thank you for your critique. Had I seen it sooner, I would have gotten back to you much faster. Here are the revisions you asked for - https://imgur.com/a/EE0SfqQ

Should I move onto the 250 box challenge?

1:45 AM, Thursday March 16th 2023

alright both look good

i'm going to mark this as complete so you can move to the 250 box challenge good luck!

and remember to plan your lines you are looking for smoothness not for accurarcy

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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